Saturday, August 10, 2013

Goggle Respirator Giveaway

I'm back in action and trying to get myself together to attend my first Burning Man since 2011. This will be my fourth year and I'm really excited to camp and volunteer with BRC's Airport.  I'll also join GenderBlender's camp with my friend Cyndi Vee.  It seems I am meant to attend this year.  I have some awesome friends and two lovers attending....wild ride.  Register for this contest. Goggles rock at BM!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Honoring Shakespeare: Ashland, Oregon here I come!

I got this cat named Tyrone, he's Black...He goes to me one day, Hey bitch! I'm tired that fancy feast shit, I want some of what your fat ass is eating. I want some chicken, preferably fried. And I ain't pooping in that box no more! It's for pussies. You better go out and get my chicken or I'm gonna' take a shit right here...just for the sheer satisfaction of watching your fat ass bend down and pick it up.

--Marilyn Martinez, The Latin Divas of Comedy
Sunrise: 2/9/55
Sunset: 11/3/07

My girlfriend Kat and I are trekking up to to embrace the passion of Shakespeare and soak in the quality of life there. From our prior trips to this perfect little college town, we were immediately impressed with the air of kindness that permeates throughtout. It is wonderful and reminds me of Berkeley, CA. Sacramento turned into a dead end for both of us. We squeezed the life out that wanna-be metropolitan town and it pilfered the best of us as well. I will miss our great house in the Tower District and my job at a non-profit but we'll meet new friends, get work and experience something new. The giddiness I feel is electric. Journeys, especially the ones you just say on the spot you'll get to someday and actually do it. Most of my post-grad life has been wrapped around figuring out who I was, as opposed to who all of my bay area friends assumed my personality to be. Thirty-one going on thirty-two feels sweet. Finding true romance along the path to growing the fuck up is quite nice as well.

I joined the Ashland-Medford Pride Committee as a means to continue being a part of the annual celebrations and see what Queers in Ashland are all about. We didn't spot any when we went out to test out the bar scene. Maybe they hide out in dark alleys and smoke reefer, cursing Ashland's hetero community. Kat and my friend are loading up the UHAUL as I type...thank god no one is glaring at me for not helping out but I was up until 3:30am scrubbing windows and wall corners...gruesome but getting our full deposit back is always a nice bonus and a means of paying rent at the new place. We'll be taking up residence in the Railroad District --- a cute little neighborhood near Southern Oregon U. We're excited about decorating our loft and playing around in the community garden.

Well, I'm off for now...I'm slowly fading from being online so long...change of address, contact my bank, call the pet doctor, blah, blah...blah!

And many props to Jasmyne Cannick, a great Queer commentator, truth-seeking shit-talker (she's brash and ballsy just the way I like em'). She really challenged the Black community to open up their pretty brown eyes when it comes to worshiping R. Kelly like he's the second coming. 15 will get you 20! Sexism is our community's disease and it is our nation's disease as well. Ignoring the lyrics and the manner in which someone acts from day to day is a rediculous mistake -- one our community repeats quite frequently. I can't speak for anyone but myself but I was so proud of Jasmyne's bold performance during R. Kelly's recent tour. She stood outside with the signs that made you think about the real cost of that concert ticket. What message am I sending if I attend a show by a grown man who selects women way too young for him? Glad I declined to see this character. It's like going to see Ike Turner perform one night and donating $500 to a battered women's shelter. Check out Jasmyne:

Spring Eqinox: March 20, 2008
Light some white and yellow candles and welcome the sun goddess...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Little Boxes in Agrestic

Return of the Nubian Princess

To say that Tonye Patano who plays the shit out of the character, "Heylia James" is a brassy, bold actress with more fire in her pinky finger than Julia Roberts or Gwyneth Paltrow is an understatement. For some time, I've begrudged the fact that actresses in the states never receive a nod or "it girl" status unless they fit three categories (in this order): Hollywood thin, a non-person of color (translate here: White Anglo Saxon), and lastly: young. There are so many talented actresses who are not of color (duh!) such as Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore and the incomprobable Laura Linney. These women receive kudos and respect but not as much as they deserve. Kerry Washington, Sanaa Lathan, Sandra Oh, Delores Del Rio, Maria Conchita Alonso, and more...never fully achieve "it girl" status or Academy reccognition. It's funny that Tonye Patano will never really get the rain to sunshine bloom she fully deserves and has acted her ass off for. Actresses are basically given a raw deal anyway (see "Searching for Debra Winger" documentary by the fab Roseanna Arquette).

I'm rambling...that's what Showtime's "Weeds" will do me (or you if you dare...)...

I'm having an awesome day to be's late and I'm a bit buzzed from my post birthday celebration. I've been hoisting my 30th birthday to rediculous "Beatles" status for quite some time. But, cut me some slack, it's been about 19 days so I'm just getting fresh and started.

A strange homeless man bought my groceries the day I cashed my last birthday check from my girlfriend's parents. It was amazing. I repeatedly refused but the more I persisted in paying my own way, the more he told me I was an angel and did enough good in the world that I shouldn't have to work so hard. It was one of the most breathtaking experiences. I believe it was my father. He has appeared to me as many times as I have visited his grave which is under five and everytime it has been a magical and monumental situation...when I've needed him most, he busts his fists with persistence to be there for me....even in death.

I have to thank the tao for this one, good karma and paying it girlfriend thinks I'm a gorgeous lucky charm and I think she is a Sagittarius.

good night

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Feelin' Good

I recently added new channels to my Tivo package and I love, love, love "Weeds" with Mary-Louise Parker. She is truly a phenomenal actress and go her for giving Billy Crudup a "Fuck You, leaving my ass 8 months pregnant for someone with half my talent and pinache.

(Sorry, I'm a scary fan...ahhhhhh! But I love when someone can be kicked down publicly and rise to the occasion)

"When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade with a slice of lime and some Tanqueray."

---Mary (stolen from the fabulous "Josie and the Pussycats" film)

I turned out my 30th birthday with Season One of "WEEDS" and some good company. What a night...sometimes you just need that reckless abandonment and pure, unregrettable sex at 3:00am to make you feel alive!

These days the new development job has kept me busy as well as opened up a door to a future career I would not have jumped into right off the bat. Fundraising and volunteering have been a part of my life for ten years now. I completed my first AIDS Walk at nineteen years-old. What a long journey it has been. When I move out to New York, I'd like to see what types of Development jobs there are for non-profits as well continue writing.

Curve Magazine ( just published my article on Sacramento Pride ( and the women's motorcycle club, Sisters of Scota ( It's so awesome to see your name in print. Dreams do come true...My buddy in San Francisco and I always joke that we're budding "Carrie Bradshaws,"classy divaesque sex columnist and favorite self-absorbed character on Sex and the City.

My best friend just had a baby girl, a Virgo (Does any other sign rock better than Virgo?) born September 16th (just four days before mine). Congratulations girl!

My other best bud in New York is expecting as well and another old college buddy just discovered that heartbreak near your late twenties is quite devestating. She just learned to open her heart and be herself, only to get stomped by mother nature. Relationships can be fickle but I learned a lot from self-destructive boy and how not to even enter those partnerships that only land you in bullshit and denial and drama. I am very lucky to have my three things (home, job and a cool partner in crime) which I had believed was just an urban legend.

Well, here's to urban legends, my writing and development career which will assist me in my endeavor to become a documentarian for social causes and turning 30, the new 20.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Love, Love and more happiness


"It's oh so quiet
it's oh so still
you're all alone
and so peaceful until

you fall in love (zing! boom!)
the sky up above (zing! boom!)
is caving in (wow! bam!)
you've never been so nuts about a guy
you wanna laugh you wanna cry
you cross your heart and hope to die

'til it's over and then
it's nice and quiet
but soon again
starts another big riot

you blow a fuse (zing! boom!)
the devil cuts loose (zing! boom!)
so what's the use (wow! bam!)
of falling in love"

lyrics by Bjork from the album, POST - IT'S OH SO QUIET

I am so content, so peaceful and just in love with this beautiful guy who is sweet, sensitive and caring - just completely amazing. I look back at the idiots I wasted my time with and wonder what kind of drug I was on, oh yeah, it's called dick. It's gets us all every time and if dick isn't your cup of tea, then it must be pussy. In any case, we've all stumbled upon someone we couldn't get out of our systems. It's hot, no denying that I had a fantastic ride dating and acting a fool with these guys but it was tired. I began to downright loathe some of them for their proposterous behavior and inability to resemble grown-ass men and not mama's boys or weak-minded pansy-ass, (not a slur to gay men, in fact, gay men in my humble opinion are the true form of self-made, strong-minded individuals who can stand on their own without utilizing a woman, minus the use of "fag hags"), victims. Goodbye drama and welcome to bliss. Every relationship starts off with the honeymoon but we've yet to fight all month. We had sweet trip to San Francisco together and just chilled out and talked about our goals for the year. It was peaceful and just fuckin' great. I've met a dreamer, just like me.

Work has never been better since I got fired. Job hunting is a sweet deal. I got away from the micro-managing boss from crack hell and moved back to my couch to listen to Bjork, get great love from my new guy and use of his laptop and see where my future lies. I'm still moving east to New York City and then possibly Japan to meet my new love. We'll see how it goes. I've never felt so free to just go with the flow. It's so good for me. I've submitted my article to a nationally recognized magazine for lesbian women, finished my volunteer work for the AIDS ride and I'm currently working on fund development for a local non-profit. I made great money last year and went to Vegas to see my brother. I'll double my commission this year and take a trip or something. It'll be great.

I've enjoyed my month vacation and just had my first interview on Monday. I met with my old co-worker and dished about our old place of employment, opportunities with her organization and the great skills I would provide. It was nice to see her. She looked fabulous as always.

Well, off to enjoy my bliss and wish me luck...these things don't happen everyday, that is I don't fall hard and have not (in this way in awhile) in a year. Moving on the eastside! I finally got a piece of the PENIS! (A good one, that gives me a big fat O and a great dose of love and support)


Friday, May 12, 2006

My sister is in town

My big sister is in town and it's so nice. My big sister is one of the best people that I know and we're so alike. I don't think her family (daughter,son, ex-husband,etc.) really get her. She is beautiful and amazing and I know she would hate it but she really doesn't look her age at all! Wow, it's amazing how gorgeous she is and I for one will never tell her age.

I've been working non-stop on a conference for work. I think I'm finally over being friends with self-destructive boy. He would hate that I'm writing about him in my blog but I don't really give a shit since it's my fuckin' blog and I write, he paints, this is how I relieve my thoughts. He has never been worth my time or worry. He had a friend who was so patient and excellent to him. I'm a really nice person and when I really dig my friends, I treat them like gold. They are gold to me. Friends are more forgiving than family sometimes. For years, as I tried to find my way in the world, it was my friends who were there to guide me through good and bad, lost times. What self-destructive boy didn't realize is that I got over the idea of us being a thing. He flipped out on me once two weeks ago and apologized the next day. I was nonchalant about it. I've already seen his drama before, he is so damn predictable. So, when he blew a gasket this time, I was ready to say, wow, what do I have left at his spot. Maybe I can send my friend to pick it up. I jokingly left him a message to say, yo, can I come by and grab my shit? (wthout you freaking out) . So, I'm done. I'm done with the drama, the self-desructive, Tyson-esque drama!

I'm going to call it a night. I met a really sweet guy that I enjoy and that made me forget about self-destructive boy to the point that when I think of the guy I want to sleep with, self-destructive boy is not in my thoughts. I'll really miss our friendship though. We got along like Harold and Maude. But at least we had our time.

What a week! See you later!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cycling cures all money worries

Yeah yeah...we've all spent way too much money on bullshit before and lords knows my broke ass did. But I've got a great new haircut, tickets to Dave Matthews Band at Raley Field in Sacramento. And I can't fucking wait to go, but it's not until 10 days before I turn 30 this September. I am planning a big fucking blow-out extravaganza for my big day. $200 dollars worth of liquor, booze and food to enjoy with my homies. Hell yes! I really wish I was going to see Beck too! He's playing Davis, CA and my hometown San Francisco's Fillmore...all sold out.

I went cycling with my good buddy Eric tonight and it blew all of my issues out of the water. I feel fantastic...energetic and just plain great. Cycling definitely cures all worries. I'm off to pop over and see a friend - until tomorrow! Woo-hoo! I love biking...