Thursday, September 21, 2006

Feelin' Good

I recently added new channels to my Tivo package and I love, love, love "Weeds" with Mary-Louise Parker. She is truly a phenomenal actress and go her for giving Billy Crudup a "Fuck You, leaving my ass 8 months pregnant for someone with half my talent and pinache.

(Sorry, I'm a scary fan...ahhhhhh! But I love when someone can be kicked down publicly and rise to the occasion)

"When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade with a slice of lime and some Tanqueray."

---Mary (stolen from the fabulous "Josie and the Pussycats" film)

I turned out my 30th birthday with Season One of "WEEDS" and some good company. What a night...sometimes you just need that reckless abandonment and pure, unregrettable sex at 3:00am to make you feel alive!

These days the new development job has kept me busy as well as opened up a door to a future career I would not have jumped into right off the bat. Fundraising and volunteering have been a part of my life for ten years now. I completed my first AIDS Walk at nineteen years-old. What a long journey it has been. When I move out to New York, I'd like to see what types of Development jobs there are for non-profits as well continue writing.

Curve Magazine ( just published my article on Sacramento Pride ( and the women's motorcycle club, Sisters of Scota ( It's so awesome to see your name in print. Dreams do come true...My buddy in San Francisco and I always joke that we're budding "Carrie Bradshaws,"classy divaesque sex columnist and favorite self-absorbed character on Sex and the City.

My best friend just had a baby girl, a Virgo (Does any other sign rock better than Virgo?) born September 16th (just four days before mine). Congratulations girl!

My other best bud in New York is expecting as well and another old college buddy just discovered that heartbreak near your late twenties is quite devestating. She just learned to open her heart and be herself, only to get stomped by mother nature. Relationships can be fickle but I learned a lot from self-destructive boy and how not to even enter those partnerships that only land you in bullshit and denial and drama. I am very lucky to have my three things (home, job and a cool partner in crime) which I had believed was just an urban legend.

Well, here's to urban legends, my writing and development career which will assist me in my endeavor to become a documentarian for social causes and turning 30, the new 20.