Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cycling cures all money worries

Yeah yeah...we've all spent way too much money on bullshit before and lords knows my broke ass did. But I've got a great new haircut, tickets to Dave Matthews Band at Raley Field in Sacramento. And I can't fucking wait to go, but it's not until 10 days before I turn 30 this September. I am planning a big fucking blow-out extravaganza for my big day. $200 dollars worth of liquor, booze and food to enjoy with my homies. Hell yes! I really wish I was going to see Beck too! He's playing Davis, CA and my hometown San Francisco's Fillmore...all sold out.

I went cycling with my good buddy Eric tonight and it blew all of my issues out of the water. I feel fantastic...energetic and just plain great. Cycling definitely cures all worries. I'm off to pop over and see a friend - until tomorrow! Woo-hoo! I love biking...


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