Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cruise Control

Return of the Nubian Princess

I just read that Tom Cruise flew his favorite chefs around the world for his glorious birthday and served veal. Brooke Shields can't take medication for post partum but he can support slaughtering animals?! Now he's the wacked out hypocrite. Tom Cruise has never been my dream guy so he can kiss my ass. Katie, wake up! The millions you are being promised is not worth it, your career is tanking anyway. Batman Begins has hit the jackpot and there is no mention of the great Katie delivering a kick ass performance. Remember "Pieces of April" - pre-cruise, hit the control button Katie, now!

So the BF and I are going through a seperation next month. I'll be getting my own digs and it's the healthiest decision we both have made. Meeting when I was 25 and he 28, (my age now) was rough and growing up, living together, made it rougher. I'm doing great though....we're still best friends, we'll stick go out and have a great time together. It will be good.

What's coming up? Sac Valley Aids Walk in Sept. My team captain time will start heating up after our big meeting this Sunday. I designed a bunch of posters myself - Rosie the Riveter is our symbol of pride.

GLAAD summer party in August! I'm going to volunteer and have a great day in the city by the bay. I also volunteered to do a photo shoot for some PR stuff as well. GLAAD is the organization I would most like to work for. So I'm working the connections!

The war on terror, Karl Rove and the fucking facist liars in the white house are so far up my ass that I can't think of our nation without puking. It's time for my daily dose of the DSM (Downing Street Blog). I get my neighbor to fill me in and give me the scoop when I'm just too tired to read about the daily dose of drama going on in the world.

Until further rants.....later.


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