Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Asshole addresses the nation

Return of the Nubian Princess

Did anyone see that liar stand up and address the nation with a smirk on his face? His war agenda and this new mission to fight terrorism in Iraq is disgusting. While he slashes funding for rape crisis centers and slashes our right to law enforcement we have to swallow it all with a
"God bless with you all!" "Stay in the fight until the fight is won..." What kind of bullshit is that? I am way too angry right now. I am an American not a christian, and I don't like being addressed with "God" involved anywhere in his speeches - it looms with a hidden agenda - I feel as if slowly, he is killing our democracy, our right to abortion, our rights to marry..he is killing us softly and by 2008 - even Hilary Rodham Clinton won't be able to save us! Fuck!
His war agenda is driving me stark raving mad, he could care less about this country's real issues, he has this obsession with killing people that is disgusting. We are officially in hell.




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