Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Free Zach from his parents and hate

Free Zach...when I read about Zach, the Tennessee teen whose parents forced him into isolation over being gay I almost thought of booking a plane ticket, but alas, I'm broke. My gut tells me that his parents are insane, that our president endorses this fear of the unknown and that I hate this country.

The wonderful, supportive comments from around the nation inspired me to write and talk about Zach and show my support. Love will prevail, it always does. Hang in there Zach! When you return to the overwhelming support you've received across the web, you will remember who you are. There are so many strangers who love you and have never shared a soda with's incredible.

Support Zach:

Friday, June 17, 2005

Free Zach
After coming out to his parents, 16-year old Zach has been whisked away to a fundie-Christian reprograming camp in Tennessee called "Refuge" (run by the anti-gay organization "Love in Action") where he is supposed to learn how not to be gay. It's a familiar story, except in this case Zach shared his experience on his blog before leaving for camp re-education (check out the camp's "rules and regulations" - they're not allowed to wear Abercrombie & Fitch - how ridiculous). Zach's friends have been diligently spreading the word about his exile and it's now making the news and sparking community protest.

Contact the haters who are holding Zach:
Refuge is the camp (contact info on their site); Love in Action is the group (email Director John Smid at

Cool groups in the area that work against this kind of homophobia; show them your support:
Memphis Area Gay Youth
PFLAG Memphis
Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center

Edited to add: Free Zach site with links to media, and a new group called Queer Action Coalition that led the protests of LIA. Also, Margaret's letter to Zach.
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