Friday, July 15, 2005


Return of the Nubian Princess

So I've been traveling and working a lot this week. I spent last week in Louisville, KY for a site visit for my job. I had a fuckn' blast. I was able to see one of my oldest and greatest friends of all time: KJ. This woman just rocks the house. Something about the presence she holds when you speak to her and she just really gets me as I get her....she's known me since I was a backpack carrying nineteen-year old with stars in my eyes and an innocence that would make you puke. Those were the days! I'm just realizing how old I'm getting, looking back on the old days of my early twenties, the friends I've kept, lost or left behind. KJ is amazing for coming to the airport to see me. I have missed her but in the best way...I love that my good friends live so far away, it makes me appreciate them more.

Louisville is awesome for its southern groove, because you can smoke cigs everywhere and it's still pristine on the streets. I picked up some bourbon-flavored coffee beans and a cookbook for Russell's parents. They're going to love it I hope.

I went to Oakland for the weekend and visited my very best friend Florencia who is leaving me for the east coast by way of Brooklyn or Queens. I can't wait to see her off. I know what an amazing place NY is and she is going to fit that place like a leather glove and just make it a bit brighter. I also caught up with my old roomie fantastic was that? I love the opportunity to see old friends. We had a birthday celebration for Flo and partied and I was in heaven, being back in the bay. I attended a reading by one of the best spoken word performers and Flo's boyfriend, DeWayne Dickerson. He wrote a book of poems called "Chunky." It was awesome to get off my plane and hear him speak at the Phoenix Bookstore. I spent countless hours in that same store during high school in SF. I pointed out my high school, Immaculate Conception Academy, to her and some of my old stomping grounds. Looking at my high school was like an alternate universe.

Today I watched a Showtime flick called "Speak" chronicling the life of a girl unhinged by acquaintance rape. My co-worker presented the flick to a group of woman and we discussed the pros and cons of the storyline and our thoughts on the topic of sexual assault. I sat there and had an ephipany of what I want to do with my life. I want to continue to write, but I'd like to work in media and represent Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. So, I'm on my way since I work for a federally funded organization in town. All in all, it's been an awesome month. I'm in love with life today.

My boyfriend is also having a great day as well. He just bought stock into our landlord's bar and he'll manage it as well as learn some business skills which he'll totally rock at. I'm so excited for him. He deserves all the success in the world. And, I get to drink for free! : )

Well, off to enjoy my Friday night!


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