Friday, February 29, 2008

Honoring Shakespeare: Ashland, Oregon here I come!

I got this cat named Tyrone, he's Black...He goes to me one day, Hey bitch! I'm tired that fancy feast shit, I want some of what your fat ass is eating. I want some chicken, preferably fried. And I ain't pooping in that box no more! It's for pussies. You better go out and get my chicken or I'm gonna' take a shit right here...just for the sheer satisfaction of watching your fat ass bend down and pick it up.

--Marilyn Martinez, The Latin Divas of Comedy
Sunrise: 2/9/55
Sunset: 11/3/07

My girlfriend Kat and I are trekking up to to embrace the passion of Shakespeare and soak in the quality of life there. From our prior trips to this perfect little college town, we were immediately impressed with the air of kindness that permeates throughtout. It is wonderful and reminds me of Berkeley, CA. Sacramento turned into a dead end for both of us. We squeezed the life out that wanna-be metropolitan town and it pilfered the best of us as well. I will miss our great house in the Tower District and my job at a non-profit but we'll meet new friends, get work and experience something new. The giddiness I feel is electric. Journeys, especially the ones you just say on the spot you'll get to someday and actually do it. Most of my post-grad life has been wrapped around figuring out who I was, as opposed to who all of my bay area friends assumed my personality to be. Thirty-one going on thirty-two feels sweet. Finding true romance along the path to growing the fuck up is quite nice as well.

I joined the Ashland-Medford Pride Committee as a means to continue being a part of the annual celebrations and see what Queers in Ashland are all about. We didn't spot any when we went out to test out the bar scene. Maybe they hide out in dark alleys and smoke reefer, cursing Ashland's hetero community. Kat and my friend are loading up the UHAUL as I type...thank god no one is glaring at me for not helping out but I was up until 3:30am scrubbing windows and wall corners...gruesome but getting our full deposit back is always a nice bonus and a means of paying rent at the new place. We'll be taking up residence in the Railroad District --- a cute little neighborhood near Southern Oregon U. We're excited about decorating our loft and playing around in the community garden.

Well, I'm off for now...I'm slowly fading from being online so long...change of address, contact my bank, call the pet doctor, blah, blah...blah!

And many props to Jasmyne Cannick, a great Queer commentator, truth-seeking shit-talker (she's brash and ballsy just the way I like em'). She really challenged the Black community to open up their pretty brown eyes when it comes to worshiping R. Kelly like he's the second coming. 15 will get you 20! Sexism is our community's disease and it is our nation's disease as well. Ignoring the lyrics and the manner in which someone acts from day to day is a rediculous mistake -- one our community repeats quite frequently. I can't speak for anyone but myself but I was so proud of Jasmyne's bold performance during R. Kelly's recent tour. She stood outside with the signs that made you think about the real cost of that concert ticket. What message am I sending if I attend a show by a grown man who selects women way too young for him? Glad I declined to see this character. It's like going to see Ike Turner perform one night and donating $500 to a battered women's shelter. Check out Jasmyne:

Spring Eqinox: March 20, 2008
Light some white and yellow candles and welcome the sun goddess...