Saturday, January 14, 2006

Return of the Nubian Princess

Return of the Nubian Princess

I have to say that keeping my good friend who's out for the count due to a knee injury has been fun, but I'm afraid that the "Gremlins" obsession is the last straw. When you're temporaily disabled, you get addicted to daytime tv, but my friend has taken it to a whole new level, bad Spielberg films and an addiction to how cute "gremlins" are. I believe he feels at one with the pure and frivilous nature of the "gremlins" because let's be honest, we don't all enjoy the luxury of living the lifestyles of the rich and the famous - we are not allowed to get drunk, drive drunk and get off due to our status in life, kill our wives and get off or smoke crack and become the mayor of D.C. Love Good Charlotte putting that out there. I'm too old to listen to Good Charlotte but I do. Who says Generation X is dead?! Who?

The holidays have come and gone and corporate America has made their money. We're all broke but that's okay because, that's exactly the way wealthy Americans would like to keep it. George Bush Jr. is still in office and I'm getting tired of hiding out from my country's leader. If you avoid the innaguaral address of your (elected is debatable for sure!) elected representative, cringe when he delivers a message to the country or downright lie about your American status when you travel, there's an issue. A serious one. I'm still ashamed to be American and as soon as I learn Dutch, I'm off to Amsterdam. For now, I'll settle for New York City for now.

I feel 2006 is going to be a great year. I've woken up from my pity party and life after a break-up is just fine. I love living alone, I love not sharing a bed and I love, love, love, having a lighter laundry load and since discovering a drop-off and delivery dry-cleaning service I'm nothing short of hyped. As I re-read my old blogs, I realized how much I'd moved to a different plateau and felt like I evolved somehow. The plain old truth is this: You don't ever move to some higher level and become a supreme being. You just grow up. That's all that happens. I really enjoy the proces too...fucking up, choosing bad partners, getting to work late too often, forgetting to prioritize, whatever (a word I never use because it sounds self-defeating, like you don't believe in what you're spewing out - because you should believe what comes out of your mouth, nothing is an accident, no matter how much we'd like it to be)...

I was lucky enough to make some extra cash doing something I love: Fundraising. I worked for a local HIV/AIDS volunteer-supported agency on their silent auction prize section for a recent event. I did really well. Every item sold that left-overs. I made enough money to fly to Vegas and bond with my big brother for four nights and five days. I fondled the remote control and lived like a desert local. It was sweet. Apparently, I rang in the New Year pretty hammered, lying on a toilet seat reaking of alcohol poisoning. The next day I recieved a lecture from my brother's wife on the do's and don'ts of drinking. At 6am, all I could think of was this: Shut the fuck up and get me to Southwest Airlines so I can board my 1 and a 1/2 hour flight and I don't have to hear this hypocritical nonsense from a woman who stuffs my fifteen niece full of junk food and allows her to have a cell phone and a boyfriend before she's even college-bound. Nevertheless, Vegas is Disneyland for crackheads and I fucking enjoyed every tweaker-casino-reaking moment of it. Where else can you buy cigs, beer and play a slot machine while you wait for your transaction to be approved. Where else can you watch "Walk the line" - a Johny Cash biopic - and drink Hennessy straight from the bottleat a sixteen screen movie theater and have no one turn you in to the concession stand staff?

I love Vegas. Thanks to all who have read my blog and found it interesting. I just like to talk a lot of shit, smoke too many cigarettes and find myself way too amusing for one's own good. But you know what, that's why this blog is entitled Return of the Nubian Princess. It's all about being self-important and then realizing the obvious: You're not that important. No one cares about this fuckin' blog but you and your friends (and maybe, they're lying to you too!)

Happy New Year and Damn the man!

Thanks to a really special friend who drove two hours to visit with me, shop till' we fuckin' were broke, ate lots of food, and watched loads of tv and tweaked out on hair products. My friend believes my underwear fetish is fierce, but so is her addiction to having perfect hair. So there! And thanks to her lover boy boy for buying dinner. I always knew he'd turn out to be the one and thank your lucky stars that I threw that party and thank the ex-boyfriend for suggesting that he and lover boy check out my party. Alls well that ends well, huh?

"If love be rough with you, be rough with love, prick love for pricking, and you've beat love down!"

---Mercutio "William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet"

"A plague on both your houses!"

---Mercutio "William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet"

I'm out, it's Saturday, and I'm drunk; Here's to MLK, Jr. Day

"For 19.95, you too can be a proud African American with a new-found history and heritage. A new last name for 14.95, (shipping and handling not included)